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Here Come the Hurricanes

Here Come the Hurricanes

by Doug Logan & Jessica Leins, Emergency Management Planners


We are now one month into the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season and entering into the most active time of the season during the next couple of months.  A tropical storm has already brought rainfall to much of the east coast and areas inland.  Right now, as I write this blog, Hurricane Elsa has begun to impact several of the well-known tropical islands as it threatens to continue tracking towards the United States.

This should serve as a great reminder to get ourselves prepared for emergencies and disasters.  Now is the time to make new family plans or to go over existing plans so that if you are impacted by a storm this season, you and your family will be ready.  (Don’t forget to plan for your furry-children too!!!)

Everyone should be prepared to be “on their own” for at least 3 days.  What does that mean?  Think about going on a camping trip in the woods, far from grocery stores, running water or electricity, and the only thing you have to survive for the next three days is what you brought with you.  What would you need?  Think about that for a while and write down the things that come to mind.  When you think you have it, go back over the list and start gathering some of those essential, non-perishable items and store them in a Disaster Supplies Kit.  Here’s a good link for more information:  http://readync.org/

The National Hurricane Center would be one of your first stops for tropical forecast information for current storms as well as areas of interest the forecasters are watching for tropical development (https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/). Be sure to have local sources for weather from your broadcast media and/or your local NWS office as well.

Your personal safety is no one’s responsibility but your own!!  Get prepared NOW before the disaster strikes!!


Photo credit: NOAA NESDIS, Hurricane Dorian over Cape Hatteras, Sept 9, 2019



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Budgeting For 2017

fire budget 2017Now that we have all gotten through the Christmas and New Year season, it is time for us to begin looking at budget season for our fire, EMS, and Preparedness needs.  Now is the time to start that process.  A good starting point is looking at the last few year’s budget, as well as your want list (as I call it).  As we go forward from this point, look at your priorities. 

First, review what expenditures are required such as workers compensation, salaries, etc.  Determine if the costs will be increasing due to raises or other reasons.  This should be the foundation of your budget. 

Secondly, it is important to also consider other wants.  Do you need a specific training class such as Ryan Pennington’s Heavy Content training?  Do you need advanced website assistance from an agency like 2 Davids Designs?  Get quotes now. 

Starting here will build your budget foundation solid and allow for adjustments as you continue through the process.

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