Over the years, emergency services agencies have been a revolving door.  When recruiting members, we can sometimes get many well qualified candidates, and in other times we seem to not have much to choose from.  Recruiting the right candidate, whether volunteer or career, and keeping them, is vital to meeting the needs of your department. Unnecessary time and money can be spent when having to constantly replace the wrong employee.  In this presentation recruitment issues, such as advertising for vacancies, and retention issues such as meeting your member’s needs, will be discussed.  All of the information given will aid agencies in overcoming the proverbial hurdles; leading to the recruitment and retention of good people and decrease the amount of resources spent on the wrong employees.

OTP, through many years of experience first hand, has developed a training course to aid agencies in learning how to get good people and to keep them.  

If you are interested in getting this training program at your agency please contact David Hesselmeyer at 910-214-4086 or at dhesselmeyer@ontargetprep.com.